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Eadon team up with BAM Nuttall and Arup for the Lake Lothing Rolling Bascule bridge


Eadon Consulting is part of the team working with civil engineering contractor, BAM Nuttall, that has won the contract for the first stage of completing Lowestoft’s Lake Lothing Third Crossing.

Eadon Consulting will be performing the initial design of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, including the lifting cylinders and the treadplates. Eadon Consulting will liaise closely with the structural design engineers, Ove Arup, to ensure a fully integrated design.

The overall project will see the creation of a third road crossing over Lake Lothing, which divides the north and south of Lowestoft. It is estimated to cost £91.7m, with approximately £73m coming from the Department for Transport.

The Lake Lothing Third Crossing project aims to save journey times, reduce travel costs, improve business productivity and improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. It aspires to open up opportunities for regeneration and development in the town.

The contract for the first stage of the project is to finalise the design of the crossing, ready for building. It was awarded following a competitive tender process by Suffolk County Council. The award for the construction stage of the contract is scheduled to be announced in autumn 2019.

Sarah Lee, one of the senior engineers on the project said:

“We have extensive experience in the design of the moving mechanisms for large international bridge projects and we are delighted to form part of the team that is designing this rolling bascule bridge.”

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