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Most analysis will start with some simple hand calculations which can be useful to assess the basic stresses and displacements within a structure and develop the loading arrangement. The results can also be assessed against the analysis to cross check the findings and for simple projects this may be all that is required and the object can then be assessed against the relevant design codes.

Eadon Consulting use two finite element analysis packages for structures, STAAD and ANSYS. The choice of which program to use depends on the complexity of the object and the type of analysis that is required. STAAD is limited to modelling beams and simple plates whilst ANSYS can model complex 3D geometry as well as non-linear problems, such as contacts and plasticity. However STAAD has the capability to assess the beams to various structural design codes so it is generally more suited to fabrications constructed from structural sections.

For most projects a static analysis will be sufficient, but in some projects additional types of analysis will be required. Mode shape analysis can be carried out to determine the natural frequencies of a structure for a basic seismic assessment. If a more detailed analysis is required then a response spectrum analysis can be carried out where the seismic response spectra are used as driving inputs to the analysis. A full transient analysis can also be carried out if required. This can be used for assessing seismic loads as well as impact loading. However, because the model is solved at each time step it can involve long solution times and can generate large amounts of data so this type of analysis is generally reserved for simple models.

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