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Lille Langebro Swing Bridge wins awards


We’re delighted to have won further awards this year for the Lille Langebro moveable bridge in Copenhagen that we worked on with Buro Happold, Wilkinson Eyre and Niras, among others.

The two awards that we were successful with, were:

  • The European Steel Bridge Awards 2022 in the ‘cycle and pedestrian bridges’ category
  • The Madrid Footbridge Awards 2022 in the ‘moveable bridges’ category

The ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork) recognised the Lille Langebro bridge for its slender and elegant structural and mechanical engineering design work, as well as the sophisticated structural steel work.

The judges at the Footbridge Madrid conference had this to say:

“We were united in our assessment of the winning bridge as a high-quality example of footbridge design which manages to convey an impression of its sinuous and delicate form despite its unusually large size.

“The ability of the deck to move comes as a delightful surprise, since the opening mechanism is successfully integrated into the curved form. The structure looks good both open and closed, and when open it creates lovely ship-like structures in the middle of the waterway.”

Eadon’s role in the project was to produce the detailed concept design for the operating equipment, allowing the architectural vision to be realised whilst ensuring that the operating equipment, used to control the two central moving decks, is reliable and maintainable. This technically challenging bridge was a pleasure to work on and we were lucky to be part of a great team.

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