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Managing Nuclear Decommissioning


The current cost of cleaning up the UK’s historic nuclear sites is estimated to be around £117 billion ($154 billion), an amount which will be spread across the next 120 years.

The estimate is based on the expected costs of decommissioning, dismantling and demolishing the buildings and managing the safe disposal of all nuclear waste. The estimate also includes the costs of more modern plants that are still operational, in particular Sellafield’s reprocessing facilities.

The NDA owns the historic sites on the government’s behalf and is responsible for deciding how they should be decommissioned. Decommissioning work is carried out by Site Licence Companies, working for the NDA.

Eadon Consulting have worked with a number of Site Licence Companies on both design and analysis decommissioning projects. With increasing costs and timescales in mind we have worked with a highly responsive and flexible approach to ensure our clients are able to pay much needed attention to time management and budget efficiency.

As a company we have been able to offer our huge nuclear and cross sector experience to assist with multi-site plans and have also been highly proficient in the management of life cycle risk and delivery schedules. Our approach has meant that by identifying risks early on in a project we have been able to prevent additional expenditure further down the line at the same time as delivering exceptionally sound solutions.

In a notoriously uncertain and challenging sector Eadon Consulting continues to work alongside likeminded organisations who are seeking better ways of delivering safe and secure standards of work via more efficient routes and also continues to be a point of reference for others in the industry looking for expert guidance.

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