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What took a 36-hour voyage across the North Sea and a trip along the Thames before reaching its new home in Canary Wharf?…

Not the @COWI_UK  team coming back from their summer holiday, but London's newest moveable bridge!

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Merchant Square footbridge clocks up another award


We are pleased to announce that the Merchant Square bridge in Paddington, London has added to the list of awards it has won.

The project has won the Short span (less than 30m span) award at the Footbridge 2017 awards. The award was presented to Martin Knight of Knight Architects at the recent Footbridge conference in Berlin.

The award adds to the list of accolades at this project has gained and is further proof, from industry peers, that the close collaboration between AKTII, Knight Architects and Eadon has delivered an outstanding project.

Further details of the project can be found here.

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