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47 minutes ago
What took a 36-hour voyage across the North Sea and a trip along the Thames before reaching its new home in Canary Wharf?…

Not the @COWI_UK  team coming back from their summer holiday, but London's newest moveable bridge!

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New projects drive recruitment


Over the last few months Eadon Consulting have seen an influx of diverse and notable projects landing on its doorstep. From a number of international inquiries to large nuclear jobs and bridging projects in London and Europe, the current wave of work has initiated a new recruitment focus.

Although always on the lookout for talented engineers, the increase in work load around the office means that recruitment is once again in the spotlight. Hoping to reflect previous periods of conscious growth we are encouraging experienced design engineers who are looking to work with a dynamic, highly skilled and supportive team to get in touch.

Over the coming months we are also looking forward to the potential arrival of additional graduates though the hugely successful, Sheffield based RISE scheme.

To learn more about working at Eadon or how to apply please visit our careers pages and social media sites.

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