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Piping Analysis


In a recent project, Eadon had the opportunity to provide crucial support to a nuclear client. Our task involved conducting a dynamic analysis of the piping system and assessing potential fatigue issues. The primary objective was to address concerns surrounding excessive vibrations and ensure the long-term integrity of the cooling water pipes.

Through our analysis using AutoPIPE, we gained valuable insights into the shape and frequency of the vibrations. The results showed the presence of fatigue damage within the system, with specific attention given to areas that had previously experienced leakage problems. Moreover, we were able to reassure the client as we concluded that recent adjustments made with the aim of reducing the excessive vibrations had indeed proven effective in minimising the risk of further damage.

At Eadon, we take pride in our ability to deliver effective solutions to our clients. This project is a great example of our commitment to excellence in engineering and our dedication to addressing unique challenges in the nuclear industry. We look forward to continuing our work in piping analysis and making a positive impact in the field.

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