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3 days ago
The Bridges Scotland 2021 conference starts today at the SEC in Glasgow. Tomorrow, Eadon Director David Price will be giving a presentation at the event on issues that arise in the design of the bridge access gantries. Read more here: #BridgesScotland21 Eadonnews photo

REACH: Proof-of-Concept Demonstration


A proof-of-concept demonstration of Eadon Consulting’s REACH (Remote Extendable Access, Characterisation and Handling) system was carried out last week.

The bespoke modular machine has been developed to enter nuclear cells via a typical 150mm diameter port. This ground-breaking technology aims to help the nuclear energy industry deal with major clean-up challenges.

The unit consists of a tubular track with a carriage. Its modular nature allows areas currently very difficult to work in to be accessed simply and effectively. As well as cameras, the track and carriage could be used to transport other inspection, characterisation and handling tools.

The initial demonstration, which was carried out via webcam in Eadon’s workshop, showcased how the hinge mechanism works.

A second demonstration will be held in person at the end of June at Sellafield and will mark the end of the proof-of-concept stage of this project.

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