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Sellafield POCO Game Changers


We have recently returned from two interesting nuclear networking and information events.

The first was the Game Changers Post Operational Clean Out (POCO) for Sellafield. This was an event organised by Game Changers and hosted by University of Technology of Strathclyde at their Innovation Centre.

The day gave information about what POCO is, the scale of the task, challenges that Sellafield face and what to do to take the next steps in helping.

Post Operational Clean Out as the name suggests is the task of getting the plant that has finished its work radiologically and chemically clean enough to enable the next stage of d to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Sellafield have identified many facilities within their site that will require POCO in the coming decades and that there significant savings that can be made along the way with the help of external organisations.

POCO Typical Facility

POCO Typical Facility

The day involved information gathering and then group sessions in rotation addressing the four key areas that the POCO task can broadly be split into:

  • Access
  • Characterising
  • Cleanout
  • Transfer

It was a very interesting day and confirmed that the way in which Eadon works and our ability to assemble teams matches with how the Game Changers process works. It also helped identify potential partners that Eadon could team up with to build teams to deliver the innovative engineering solutions that Sellafield are looking for.

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