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Stress Awareness Month


This April marks Stress Awareness Month, the campaign aimed at raising awareness of the negative impact stress can have on both our physical and mental health.

Everyone encounters stress at some point in their lives. A small amount can be positive and actually help motivate us, but chronic stress can have negative consequences.

Stress can manifest in various ways, including physical symptoms like headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, and muscle tension. It can also cause emotional and behavioural symptoms, including anxiety, irritability and difficulty sleeping.

Liz Goodwill, Head of the Work-Related Stress and Mental Health Policy Team at HSE, said: “Stress Awareness Month is an opportunity for employers to check in and support their staff’s mental health. Working Minds helps employers to follow five simple steps based on risk assessment. They are to Reach out and have conversations, Recognise the signs and causes of stress, Respond to any risks you’ve identified, Reflect on actions you’ve agreed and taken, and make it Routine. It needs to become the norm to talk about stress and how people are feeling and coping at work.”¹

Eadon Consulting is committed to ensuring that our employees feel supported and empowered to manage their stress levels effectively. One of the key steps we have taken is to promote open communication and collaboration among our employees. Workloads are reviewed regularly, flexible working is offered and breaks are encouraged. By prioritising the well-being of our team, we believe we can create a more productive and positive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

The NHS offers some useful tips for people suffering with stress; these include staying active, connecting with others, avoiding unhealthy habits and setting goals and challenges. For more information about stress and how to manage it visit the NHS website here.


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