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Stress Awareness Month: Why embracing hybrid working has helped us manage stress 


April is Stress Awareness Month. First launched in 1992, the campaign aims to increase understanding of the factors that contribute to stress, promote solutions, and reduce the stigma that surrounds stress and mental health.

At Eadon, we actively try to mitigate stress for our employees. We understand that traditional office-based routines may not always align with the needs and preferences of our employees so we have embraced hybrid working. 

Hybrid working can help reduce stress in a number of ways:

Less Commuting: Bad weather, traffic jams or delayed public transport can make getting to and from the office stressful. Less commuting equals less stress. It also saves us time at the start and end of our working days which helps us keep a better work-life balance.

Greater Flexibility: It offers us the flexibility to balance work and personal commitments such as school runs, medical appointments or exercise more effectively. This helps to relieve the pressure of tight schedules and allows us to navigate our days more efficiently and smoothly. 

Increased Autonomy: Granting greater autonomy makes us feel more empowered. We feel more in control of our work schedules and our time in general, which, in turn, helps us feel less stressed. 

Working Environment: While we appreciate the camaraderie and benefits of working alongside our team in the office, there are times when concentrating in our own space proves more conducive. Being at home we can escape any distractions we might find in the office, allowing us to focus.

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