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Success at the Waste Management Symposia in Phoenix


Last week, James Hill and Andrew Fowler took part in the Waste Management (WM) Symposia international conference in Arizona, Phoenix.

The event, which drew 3300 attendees, served as a platform to showcase their innovative research and development efforts undertaken over the past year. This included the Capsa Solutions waste container and Eadon’s creation of ‘REACH’ – a Long Reach Modular Robotic Deployment System designed for accessing Through Wall and Vertical Access Ports.

“Our talks were successful with some good interest and plenty of questions following them,” said Andrew. “I also had the opportunity to go to some technical discussions to learn more about what’s going on in other areas of waste management across the globe. It was great hearing talks about geological disposal and I also found the ones by Nuclear Transport Services and the containers they’re developing particularly interesting.”

After the success of this year we’re already looking ahead to WM Symposia 2025 when the focus will be on how IT, AI and the digital world can transform the nuclear industry.

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