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Supporting Young Engineers: Amy’s Summer Work Placement


At Eadon, we understand how important it is to support and guide the next generation of engineers. We’re committed to providing young people who are passionate about engineering with the opportunities and practical experiences they need to succeed.

We were thrilled to welcome Amy Weston this summer for a 6-week work placement. Amy, a Mechanical Engineering student from the University of Sheffield, said she’s gained fresh perspectives and insights during her time with us.

“My first impression of Eadon was that it was really friendly,” she said. “Everyone seemed genuinely interested in what other people were working on. I enjoyed the brainstorming meetings where you were made to feel like there were no bad ideas. That kind of environment makes it easier to have the confidence to speak up and give input.”

A highlight of Amy’s placement was constructing a test rig to evaluate the friction in a hinge – a component of Eadon’s innovative REACH project. The REACH project aims to tackle challenges associated with nuclear energy cleanup using a custom modular machine. “I used the 3D printer to print components for that,” she explained. “I’d done a decent amount of modelling for other projects, but not on Solidworks and I’d never printed parts out. It was fantastic to be given the freedom to go through the entire process of brainstorming, modelling, printing, building and testing of an actual real life component that’s hopefully going to help a project in the long run.”

Amy said she would encourage anyone else looking for an engineering work experience placement to consider Eadon. “It’s a great opportunity. Everyone’s really friendly and helpful. It’s a company that very much encourages learning, new people and development.”

We’re excited to see how Amy’s engineering journey will unfold. Our doors are open to more enthusiastic minds, ready to embrace the world of engineering with us.

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