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Waste Management Symposia conference 2022


Capsa Solutions’ – a joint venture formed of Eadon Consulting and Arc Energy Resources – is looking forward to exhibiting at the Waste Management Symposia conference 2022 (WMSym2022) next month.

Capsa Solutions was born out of an industry challenge set by Sellafield Ltd to develop a safer, more cost effective and responsible means of disposal, transportation and storage of nuclear waste. Eadon Consulting collaborated with fabrication specialists Arc Energy Resources to form the joint venture; and together they have brought a unique combination of design and manufacturing experience and responded with a new approach to waste container design.

The Conference is taking place from March 6th – 10th at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona.

WMSym2022 is the largest annual exhibition of its kind in the US, showcasing all aspects of products and services related to the Nuclear Radwaste Industry.

The conference will be attended by industry leaders, decision makers, project managers and procurement specialists representing the government and private organisations undertaking the global tasks of radioactive waste management, decommissioning and site remediation.

Exhibiting at the event is a fantastic and exciting opportunity to showcase the innovative, superior waste container design.

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