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Welcome back and into 2019


We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year break. We’re all back at our desks, refreshed and ready for 2019. There’s plenty to look forward to.

In the nuclear sector we are due to demonstrate two key innovations, one in the access and inspection field and the other for waste storage. These two projects and several others have increased our prototype and assembly capability which complement our design and engineering skills.

The design for the new Eyemouth Harbour pedestrian lift bridge is nearing completion with the bridge due to be installed early 2019. Keep an eye on our news stream and

The architecturally striking Little Langebro cycle and pedestrian double swing bridge in Copenhagen is also due for completion later this year. This project will improve cycle and pedestrian flows between two busy areas of the city.

Little Langebro cycle and pedestrian double swing bridge in Copenhagen

In Cape Town the replacement clock tower bridge at the V&A Waterfront will be installed and commissioned.

Other bridge projects including Lake Lothing 3rd Crossing and Bermuda’s replacement Swing Bridge will both reach critical milestones in their path to procurement.

In other sectors there is lots to be excited about too. The Environment Agency’s £100m Boston barrier main gates, the UK’s largest vertical sector gates, currently under fabrication will be installed towards the end of 2019. Before then the our work on the design of the auxiliary vertical sector gates and the cat 3 (independent design) checking of the main gates will be completed.

Behind the scenes we’re also working hard to complete our Revzone implementation, including integration with Solidworks. The first part of this work has been complete for some time and we are seeing the benefits that this can bring to our project lifecycle and the improvements that an integrated system for all aspects of the business brings.

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