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Welcome back to 2020


We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year break. We’ve all had a relaxing time and are now back at our desks, refreshed and ready for 2020.

2019 was a good year for us, we added to the Eadon team with several new additions, secured some exciting new projects and saw some of our work reach the construction and completion stages. In 2020 there’s also plenty to look forward to.

In the nuclear sector we are due to deliver two innovative machines. One is the evolution of our REACH machine for use in the inspection and characterisation as part of post operational clean out (POCO) and the other is a bespoke machine for the removal of a obstruction into one of the fuel storage pools at a nuclear facility.  These two projects and several others have increased our prototype and assembly capability which complement our design and engineering skills.

REACH Nuclear decommissioning access and inspection system

REACH Nuclear decommissioning access and inspection system

Our work on the Environment Agency’s £100m Boston flood barrier continues. Towards the end of 2019 we attended the first movement of the barrier and into 2020 our technical support to BAM, the main contractor, will move onto the assessment of other water control structures as part of the same project.

Boston Barrier installation position

In the moving structures sector we continue our work on the Lake Lothing 3rd Crossing project along with imminent tender returns on several other significant moving bridge projects in the UK and abroad. We are also anticipating the next stages of work starting on moving bridges in London and Ireland. Other bespoke moving structures are also due to reach fruition, more details on these will follow when they are announced to the public.

Behind the scenes we also have several training sessions planned for the Eadon team to develop their skills and capability. We also anticipate further recruitment opportunities, more details on these will be posted on our careers page as and when they become active. If you fancy a new challenge in 2020 please also remember we are interested in speculative applications directly from applicants.

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