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Welcome to Joshua Bowes-Smith


We are pleased to welcome Joshua Bowes-Smith who has joined Eadon as a Graduate Engineer.

Joshua’s passion for engineering began at school when he studied engineering for A-Level. “I just loved it,” he said. “I spent all my free periods in the workshop. I enjoyed using the machinery and being precise with everything. I ended up making an autonomous tennis ball collecting robot!”

Following sixth form, Joshua pursued a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Sheffield. Attracted by Eadon’s emphasis on versatile skills and diverse projects, he applied to join as a graduate engineer. 

Now, as a team member, he looks forward to building on his skills, knowledge and confidence as an engineer as he contributes to a variety of projects.

Outside of work Joshua likes playing football, tennis, badminton, and squash. He’s also passionate about music and enjoys drumming and playing the piano.

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