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What does an engineer look like?



This week the internet was a hive of activity over engineer Isis Wenger. The platform engineer at OneLogin, who agreed to be featured in a recruiting campaign for her company, never expected to receive the amount of attention her decision would generate.

After receiving mixed comments on the campaign she decided to talk about her experience working in such a male orientated sector along with the hashtag #Ilooklikeanengineer.  In support thousands of women around the world then started posting pictures of themselves along with their titles and their accomplishments. Some men also decided to contribute to the hashtag and support women by posting pictures of their mothers, while other decided to post pictures of themselves. Universities also picked up on the trend which quickly spread across social media.

With less than 7 percent of Britain’s engineering workforce being female and no immediate sign of it rising, this latest focus is the most recent in a line of campaigns looking at re-balancing this heavily male dominated field.

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