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Women in Engineering day 2017


As part of Women in Engineering day we asked one of our female engineers, Consuelo Bottamedi, to give us a brief summary of her work whilst at Eadon and what being an engineer means to her:

“Engineering allows me to see my ideas becoming real. It gives me the opportunity to add my contribution to society by being part of a field that affects our lives in countless ways.  In particular, working at Eadon Consulting allows me to experience it on an everyday basis working on a great range of projects, from cranes for the nuclear sector to movable bridges, for example, enhancing the accessibility of a location by replacing the Herron Quays lifting bridge with a wider one.

Being an engineer does not only mean working on exciting projects, but it allows you develop as a person. Every day is different and you need to find new ideas and solve new problems. It is not always an easy task, but with a fantastic group of people on your side, nothing is impossible.

I have also been involved in internal and external meetings; therefore, I have had many opportunities to do presentations, meet different people and build up my network.

Since I started working at Eadon Consulting, my responsibilities have widely increased from both a technical and commercial point of view. As my technical knowledge has increased it has given me the occasion to help other members of the company with their personal development.  From a commercial point of view, I have gained more project responsibilities. I am now leading entire projects from the beginning; quoting project work, planning the delivery and communication with the clients are now regularly part of my role.

These years of work allowed me to develop the right skills to finally become a Chartered Engineer. This have given me great satisfaction and now I am looking forward to further develop my career within Eadon and I am ready the next challenges. Being an engineer is not only a job for me, it is my passion.”

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