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World Engineering Day


For centuries, engineering has been the driving force that shapes the world we live in. From the smart speakers in our homes to the cars we drive, the bridges we travel across and the hidden network of pipes and wires beneath our feet  – engineering is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Today (March 4th), we are celebrating World Engineering Day, recognising and honouring the valuable contributions engineers make to society.

We asked our team which famous engineers have inspired them. Here were some of their favourites:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Perhaps best remembered for designing the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1830, an engineering marvel that still stands today. He also played a pivotal role in developing railway and shipping networks, revolutionising the movement of people and goods both nationally and internationally.

Archimedes: An ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, and engineer, Archimedes, was famous for his principle that the mass of a body submerged in water is equal to the mass of the water displaced. He also invented one of the earliest hydraulic machines, the Archimedes’ screw,, which is still used today for raising water between levels.

Ruth Amos: An inventor and engineer from Sheffield, at just age 16, Ruth invented the ‘StairSteady’ as part of her GCSE coursework – a fixed handrail with sliding supporting handle that moves freely when pushed but locks in place when weight is applied. Her invention enables people with limited mobility to use their stairs confidently and safely and is now sold all around the world.. Ruth was named Young Engineer of Great Britain in 2006 in recognition of her invention and has her own YouTube channel inspiring kids to take an interest in engineering called ‘Kids Invent Stuff.’

Thomas Telford: His commitment to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional bridges contributed significantly to the field of civil engineering. One of his most famous works is the Craigellachie Bridge across the River Spey in Scotland. This cast iron arch bridge was in use on a major trunk road for almost 160 years.

As we reflect on the incredible work of these engineers and the many others who’ve influenced our world, we want to wish everyone a very happy World Engineering Day!


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