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World Engineering Day


Today (4th March) is World Engineering Day – a celebration and opportunity to promote engineering as a career and highlighting how engineering can change the world for the better and deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

In light of World Engineering Day we take a look back at some of the projects we are proud to have worked on around the globe.

Denmark: Lille Langebro Swing Bridge

Copenhagen is arguably the one of world’s leading cycling city. This 160m long, pedestrian and cycle double swing bridge in Copenhagen has won several awards including the IABSE‘s Structural Award for 2021. We worked together with Buro Happold, Wilkinson Eyre and Niras to produce the design of this architecturally striking and technically challenging bridge. Our role was to produce the detailed concept design of the operating equipment which allowed the architectural vision to be realised whilst also ensuring that the operating equipment, used to control the two central moving decks, is reliable and maintainable. The unique moment connection allowed a more efficient structural solution to be developed that reduced the amount of steel needed to build the deck.

UK – Boston Barrier

In December 2013 the Lincolnshire town of Boston was devastated by flooding. This eventually led to the design and construction of ‘The Boston Barrier’, a rising sector gate, being installed across the Haven at the Port of Boston in Lincolnshire.

Similar to the gates installed in the Thames Flood Barrier, it spends most of its life open, laid horizontally in a recess in the riverbed. When it is fully operational the barrier can be deployed in 20 minutes using the enormous hydraulic cylinders mounted at either end of the gate.

The Boston Barrier was designed and built to better protect more than 14,000 homes and businesses from tidal flooding and will safeguard the area for future generations. From reducing waste and raw materials to cutting carbon emissions, sustainability was put the centre of every construction decision made.

Eadon Consulting played a key part throughout the project as specialist sub consultants to Mott MacDonald. We provided technical expertise for the gate design and MEICA and ensured they were complying with the specification. Once the design was finalised, we also provided an independent design check to ensure the barrier would perform satisfactorily under the harshest of conditions.

With the current climate crisis, the risk of flooding is increasing. It’s estimated that “average sea level could increase by over a metre by the end of the century. This underlines the importance of acting now to adapt to flooding,”¹ and why more robust designs are having to be produced that are more tolerant of the extreme weather being experienced.

New Zealand : Lower Hatea Te Matau a Pohe Bascule Bridge

The Te Matau a Pohe Rolling Bascule bridge, formally known as Lower Hatea River crossing, is a lift bridge located within the city of Whangarei in Northland and provides an alternative option for traffic travelling around the city. The bridge is the only operational one of its kind in New Zealand and one of a very few for road traffic in the world. Eadon’s role on this project was the detailed design of the operating equipment and mechanical elements. This bridge allowed road traffic to be directed away from the city centre and shorten traffic routes.

Australia: New Farm River Walk Swing Bridge

In 2011 severe floods washed away Brisbane’s New Farm River walk – a floating pontoon walkway along the north bank of the Brisbane River. The potential for further extreme flooding events meant that additional constraints were placed upon the design, subsequently leading to the selection of a swing bridge. We were involved from initial concept selection and development through to production of the outline design and then reviewing of the contractors detailed design.

In other global news, this week, Eadon Director, James Hill, will be travelling to America to attend the Waste Management Symposia conference 2022 (WMSym2022) where Capsa Solutions will be  showcasing their innovation waste container design.

Eadon Consulting has collaborated with fabrication specialists Arc Energy Resources to form this joint venture; and together they have developed waste containers that are safer, quicker to build and more cost effective.

You can help spread the word about World engineering Day using the hashtags #WorldEngineeringDay and #WorldEngDay2022

To find out more about the event click here.


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