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Eadon Consulting works in several key areas of the bridge sector, moving bridges such as swing, bascule and lift bridges, bridge access equipment and bridge and structural bearing design. For further information on our bridge access and inspection capability see our specialist structures section. For further information about bridge and structural bearing design please see the XXXXXX section.

We have an international reputation in the moving bridges sector and are proud of our award winning work throughout the world. We offer concept and detail design of machinery for all types, sizes and styles of moving bridge. Our bespoke design solutions ensure that the architectural impact of the concept is maintained, whilst also producing a solution that is cost effective to implement and most importantly is reliable and facilitates future maintenance and repair.

Our experience of designing mechanical equipment, coupled with our knowledge of hydraulics and electrical control systems enables us to develop and evaluate systems as a whole. This is in contrast to the single-disciplined approach normally offered by consultants. Combining this with our ability to produce detailed manufacturing drawings along with our experience of manufacture and on-site commissioning, we are able to offer a complete service from initial concept through to the final delivered project.

We can design fixed and moving bridges for pedestrians and cycleways utilising steel and/or timber construction. Our experience of combining different materials and manufacturing techniques enables us to deliver a solution that meets the architectural aesthetics required by the client in the most cost effective way.

Our Bridges experience

These projects demonstrate the varied experience of Bridges that the staff at Eadon Consulting have developed throughout their careers.

For more information regarding Bridges or to discuss your requirements, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or contact us.

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