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Forth Road Bridge Dropped Object Canopy

The contract to re-erect the Dropped Object Canopy on the Forth Road Bridge North Tower has recently been successfully completed by The Spencer Group, assisted by Eadon Consulting providing the temporary works design on the project.

The Dropped Object Canopy was originally erected to facilitate the painting of the South Tower. The canopy provides a catchment for any dropped items such as pots of paint which could be potentially fatal if they were to land on the carriageway below.

Key facts


Forth Road Bridge, Scotland


Forth Estuary Transport Authority

In Partnership with

Spencer Group

The canopy is in two halves one on each side of the tower. Each half is made up of a steel frame supporting a 36m x 17m wire mesh canopy, spanning across the carriageway.

The design of the canopy is essentially a portal frame with pin jointed bases. This makes it inherently unstable during erection. The temporary works design had to ensure the stability of the frame members through all stages of erection and in particular during non-working times when winds could potentially reach over 100mph.

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