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Leamouth Vertical Lift Footbridge

Following the go ahead for the redevelopment of the Leamouth Peninsula in London, Eadon Consulting were approached by Davies Maguire to assist with the mechanical design of a pedestrian vertical lift bridge spanning the River Lea. This link provides a connecting route between the peninsula and its London City Island development and Canning Town centre. It is also adjacent to both Crossrail and DLR stations.

Key facts


Bow Creek, London


Ballymore Property Group

In Partnership with

Davies Maguire

Eadon Consulting provided the exemplar mechanical design and the detailed mechanical, hydraulic and electrical specifications for integral components of the 3m wide, lifting pedestrian and cycle bridge.

The steel structure comprises a single, 82m long span that is lifted vertically to allow for the passage of tall marine craft. The lift is achieved by a pair of hydraulic cylinders located at each end of the span.  Eadon worked on the design of both the lifting mechanisms as well as the guiding systems which are responsible for holding the raised components in place.  Drawing on previous experience, Eadon’s engineers supported the development of the concept and operating methodology. The bridge features a tower at each end which houses a lift and plant room for the ram equipment.

The 160 tonne structure was successfully lifted into place over the River Lea by a 1200 tonne crane after the various components of the bridge span, which were delivered to site in 20 -25m long sections, were constructed. Only when the bridge was complete with final handrails and deck finishes and the hydraulic system fully tested was the bridge then lowered, by hydraulic cylinders, onto its bearings.

Eadon provided support to the contractor (John Sisk) during the construction and commissioning stages by assisting them with reviews and attendance at factory acceptance tests (FAT), site visits and reviewing the subcontractors’ documentation packages.

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