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Media City Swing Bridge

Media City Swing bridge is a pedestrian footbridge with an unusual structural form. The deck is supported using a series of cable stays, that are supported on masts. The mast structures have a spherical knuckle bearing at their base to allow rotation so that it forms a pin ended strut. These bearings are critical to the mast structures functioning correctly. Eadon Consulting Ltd were employed to carry out an independent check of the mast bearings for this unusual application.


Media City, Salford

In Partnership with

Rowecord Engineering

The category 3 check of the bearings involved a review of the overall design to ensure it was suitable, and then completing an independent check of the bearings producing a set of design calculations. The bearings are a combination of stainless steel and a Lubron low friction material. Eadon Consulting used previous experience of bespoke structural bearing design to ensure a thorough check was completed in a timely manner for the project team.

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