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Odder Steel and Timber Footbridge

Eadon Consulting carried out the structural design calculations for a 17m spanning, 2m wide footbridge on behalf of Wray Fabrications Ltd. The bridge is made from a pair of parallel universal beam girders supporting a deck of timber cross beams.

Key facts


Odder, Lincolnshire


Wray Fabrications Ltd

The structural steel beam and connection design was carried out in accordance with Eurocode 3 (BS EN 1993-2 – Design of steel structures – Steel bridges), and the loading was assessed using Eurocode 1 (BS 1991-2 Actions on structures – Traffic loads on bridges, and BS EN 1991-1-4 Action on structures – Wind actions. As well as ensuring the bridge’s ultimate strength was satisfactory it was also designed to satisfy the vibration serviceability requirements of BS EN 1993-2 and BS 5400-2 – Steel, concrete and composite bridges – Specification for loads.

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