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Telescopic Gantry ROV Launcher

Eadon Consulting completed the detailed structural design and fabrication drawings on behalf of SMD (Soil Machine Dynamics) for a bespoke portal frame structure used to mount their telescopic LARS (Launch and Recovery System) for use on offshore lifting operations.

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The multistage telescopic gantry launcher is used to position the ROV / TMS stack far from the vessel edge, improving operability. It was supplied by SMD as part of a complete ROV system including ROV’s, tether management systems and umbilical winches. The low profile, top hung LARS design maximises the tool skid carrying capacity of the ROV whilst leaving clear floor area for maintenance. The LARS is to be mounted within a hangar structure in order to provide protection for operators.

The portal frame structure was designed to accommodate the harsh loading associated with operating in offshore conditions at sea state 6, as well as ensuring it remains safe during storm events. It was designed to comply with the requirements of Lloyds LAME (Certification of Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment). One of the main challenges of the project was designing the structure to fit within the hangar area, whilst maintaining the required clearances for the ROV and tool skid. Bespoke box beam sections were designed to provide an efficient structure that could accommodate loads in a number of different directions.
The structure was designed to be fabricated and installed in America. Full fabrication drawings were provided in imperial units, taking account of the materials available in America.

The structures and gantries have been installed, commissioned and proof load tested and are now ready for operation with Hallin Marine.

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