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Specialist structures

We are experienced in the design of a wide range of specialist structures such as those subject to unusual loading or made from unusual materials. These have included wooden roller coasters, aerospace structures and pontoon booms. We have experience of working with a number of different design codes and standards across multiple sectors, this enables us to provide the most appropriate solution to your specific challenge.
We have helped our clients based in the UK to supply equipment and structures into other international markets that need seismic assessment. This has included structures being built in countries such as India, Greece and Japan. This has been based on the knowledge and experience gained within the UK nuclear sector, seismically qualifying high integrity cranes and other safety critical structures.
Our knowledge of mechanical systems, combined with the influence of dynamic and fatigue loading enables us to assess and optimise structures and systems making them safer and more cost effective.

We have worked with a number of different design standards such as International Building Code (IBC), ASME, Eurocode-8 (1998) as well as Indian and other standards. This places us in a unique position to be able to select and apply the most appropriate standard based on the equipment’s location as well as its function.

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