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Adam Griffin

I work as a Design Engineer at Eadon Consulting. My role is quite varied and what I do on a day-to-day can vary widely. Some days it could be working the workshop and putting stuff together. Other days it can be sitting down at the computer and producing calculations.

The variation is definitely a good point for me – I like to be able to get my teeth stuck into lots of different things. Most recently I’ve been working a lot on nuclear projects to try and accommodate nuclear waste and dispose of it safely. It’s really important to me to ensure that we’re managing future energy supply in a responsible and so I get a lot of satisfaction working on projects that help towards the solution to this challenge.

I started working at Eadon during the pandemic. The team were amazing at welcoming me despite us all working remotely and it was easy for me to fit in and find my place.

One of the key benefits of working here has been the level of responsibility they give you straight away.  You get to work in a close knit team to produce very good work. There’s also the opportunity to work closely with clients and to understand what they need so that you can go about delivering it in the best possible way. In terms of career progression, they’re really supportive. They have regular meetings to try and find out where you would like to take your career to make sure that you’re going in the right direction.

If anyone was thinking about applying for a job at Eadon I’d say go for it. It’s been great working here over the last year, I’ve really enjoyed it, I’ve learnt loads and they’ve been really supportive.

If you’re interested in joining us we’d love to hear from you. So please send your CV and covering letter to us via our online application form.

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