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Daniel Cunningham

I joined Eadon as a Graduate Engineer in August 2019 having completed a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. I have always found Eadon Consulting to be a very welcoming and supportive company to work for. When I joined the whole team was very understanding of the fact that I was a graduate and supported me by guiding me and giving me realistic tasks to do.

Working for a small company like Eadon has had many advantages. I’ve had the opportunity to get a lot more involved in several different disciplines and switch around roles. A highlight of my first two years at Eadon has been working on and demonstrating the REACH (Remote Extendable Access, Characterisation and Handling) project. REACh is a bespoke modular machine developed to enter nuclear cells via a typical 150mm diameter port designed to help the nuclear energy industry deal with major clean-up challenges. I contributed a lot to the design of the hinge and so to physically demonstrate something I designed was a great opportunity for me.

The most challenging part of my time at Eadon so far has been having to work from home during the pandemic. However I felt that Eadon dealt with it extremely well and everyone adjusted remarkably quickly. They have still managed to keep the social lighthearted side of things going amongst the team and we keep in touch with each other daily so there’s still that feeling of community.

Another thing I like about working at Eadon is their flexible working policy. Sometimes I’ve had a deadline on a project and chosen to work over a weekend to get it finished and then taken the time back later on. Or sometimes I work later one day and a bit less the next. They are very good about allowing you to make your own choices about how you can work most efficiently and effectively.

I think Eadon is a great place to be as a graduate. You’re given the opportunity to not only find your feet, but also to find out what kind of things you actually enjoy as an engineer. Eadon have helped me recognise my strengths and weaknesses and ensured I had the opportunity to work on a good balance of different things in projects to build on that. They do six monthly development reviews which are really helpful and I definitely feel there is scope for plenty of career progression here.

If you’re interested in joining us we’d love to hear from you. So please send your CV and covering letter to us via our online application form.

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