Whilst the majority of our work is bespoke and solves a unique prblem, some of the projects we work on result in a technology that can be applied across a range of scenarios to solve a common problem. When we develop a new technology that isĀ  applicable to a multiple applications, we ensure that users are able to deploy the system or device with little or no intervention from us.

Our recent releases in new technology systems have centred around enabling remote operations in challenging environments, and although developed for the nuclear and decommissioning sector, are suitable for a whole range of applications where it is either unsafe or not practicable for people to operate.

Skera is a remote cutting and dismantling tool for hazardous environments, developed for the cutting of steel structures, pipework and reinforced concrete in areas which are inaccessible to people.

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REACH is a versatile system developed for long-range mapping, data collection and tool deployment. It is a modular kit designed to be used by in-house teams to run sensors and other equipment in applications where the key challenge is accessibility. This remote handling system, originally designed for use in nuclear decommissioning applications, enables real-time sensor readings in hard-to-reach, contaminated areas which are not possible to access in person.

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