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REACH is a versatile system developed for long-range mapping, data collection and tool deployment.

It is a modular kit for use in applications where the key challenge is accessibility. This remote handling system, originally designed for use in nuclear decommissioning applications, enables multiple tools to be positioned within hard-to-reach, contaminated areas which are not possible to access in person.

The kit can be set up and deployed by your own team in multiple different situations to run sensors and mechanical equipment.

REACH: the versatile solution

Safe: high payload horizontally as well as vertically.

Agile: actuated joints capable of working at any angle.

Configurable: optional motorised carriage and interchangeable sensors.

Adaptable: modular system for re-use in other applications.

Cost-effective: quick to set up and deploy by in-house teams. Multiple use.

REACH: the detail

In environments that pose a potential risk to life, monitoring is a critical requirement to provide a clear understanding of any changes that are taking place. The nuclear industry has seen a boom in the development of sensors and tools in recent years, but we were asked to find a solution to enable teams to safely and easily deploy that equipment into a cell for operation.

REACH is our solution. It is made up of a simple set of tubes that can be deployed through a 6″ port. A sensor or tool can then be fixed to the end of the final pole in the system to enable work to be carried out or sensor readings to be taken. Alternatively, a carriage can be affixed to the tubes, allowing for a sensor to sweep the length of the cell multiple times, providing accurate and repeatable readings which can be viewed remotely.



A multi-use system that your own teams deploy

The REACH system is modular, which means that each time you have a need for remote access your teams can select which modules they need for that particular deployment and can configure it themselves.

The materials that REACH is manufactured from are lightwight whilst retaining strength, making them easy to manoevre and configure. The joints are actuated so that the system can navigate complex geometry to reach the required location. This also makes it ideal for surveying a voume of space to fulfil a challenging requirement such as a radiometric survey.




How we work with you

Ownership of the equipment is yours from the outset. This means you can re-use the configurable, modular system in other long-range applications for a variety of purposes.

We will train your team until they are confident in its configuration and able to set up and deploy in any environment for any type of use.

We will further support you on future requirements to ensure that you have the set up (sensors, outputs or mechanical equipment) that you need for the specific application.

Eadon team

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