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Skera is a remote cutting and dismantling tool for hazardous environments.

A small-scale version of equipment usually found in offshore and construction work, this machine has been developed for the cutting of steel structures, pipework and reinforced concrete in environments which are inaccessible to people.

The use of a diamond wire cutting technique combined with a powerful gripper makes the tool extremely versatile in its cutting capability and deployment options

Eadon Consulting Diamond Wire Cutter

Skera: the remote cutting tool

Safe: non-disruptive to the surrounding environment with low reaction forces. Remote monitoring and control minimise operator exposure.

Clean: no swarf, minimal creation of fine cutting debris.

Agile: pole deployment for underwater use. Can be reconfigured for alternative environments.

Easy handling: small and lightweight, neutrally buoyant for use in liquids.

Versatile: cuts through virtually any material, including composites (for example, reinforced concrete and lagged pipework).


 Skera: the detail

Developed for cutting through pipework, dismantling structures and decommissioning disused equipment, Skera is able to access hard-to-reach areas that people are either unable to reach with traditional equipment, or where risks to safety are too high for direct interaction. Skera was initially designed for use at Sellafield, where there was a need to reduce the size of a metal structure within a contaminated storage pond.

The key advantage to using a diamond wire cutting solution for safety-critical environments is that the process produces very little heat and no electrical sparking, as well as minimal debris, and no sudden movement once the cut is complete. It can deal with unusual geometries and a wide range of materials including composites.


Diamond Wire Cutter concept

A multi-use system that your own teams deploy

Skera is designed for challenging environments such as those where irradiated or caustic material are found. Our device can be cleaned down for re-use and has quick-release features as a safety precaution.

Skera consists of a diamond wire saw which uses remotely actuated jaws and grippers to hold the item whilst the saw cuts through the desired section. An actuated wrist where the device connects to the carbon fibre deployment poles ensures ease of manoevrability and a remote operator control interface provides full control.




How we work with you

Ownership of the equipment is yours from the outset. This means you can re-use Skera across a range of applications.

We will train your team until they are confident and able to set up and deploy in any environment for any type of use.

Eadon team

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