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International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Today (11th February) is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Around the world, governments, educational institutions, and companies are participating in events and initiatives to mark this special day which is dedicated to recognising the crucial role that women and girls play in STEM industries and reminds us of the continuing need to bridge the gender gap in these fields.

STEM Women is an enterprise which recognises that the current rate of change is insufficient to ensure an inclusive future workforce and is working to increase diversity in STEM industries. “Statistics from the most recent labour market data shows that the STEM sector is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, with more than 1 million more STEM jobs created over the last 7 years. However, the representation of women in STEM remains low, at just over one quarter of the overall STEM workforce. Latest government census figures show that women now make up 26% of the STEM workforce. Whilst this is a gradual increase, at the current rate of change we would not see equal representation in STEM until the year 2070.”1

Moreover, according to Engineering UK, “in mid-2021 16% of workers in core and related engineering occupations were women compared with 47% of the overall UK workforce.”2

Today’s celebration, while important, is a reminder that sustained efforts are essential for lasting change in the representation of women in STEM. At Eadon we’re excited to take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of all the women on our team, such as Consuelo Bottamedi. Consuelo joined us as a graduate and has worked her way up to becoming a senior engineer and leading on exciting analysis projects. Her recent work involves the finite element analysis of a hot cell structure subjected to seismic loads.

Additionally we are proud to acknowledge our Operations Manager, Katie Dash. Katie graduated with a PhD in ancient DNA analysis and has not only had her work published in a top scientific journal but has also contributed significantly to Research Funding and Management in forestry and plant sciences and Research and Operations Management in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering.

We’re also proud that over the last 12 months we’ve achieved over 50% female representation in our work experience placements. 

“We strive to break down barriers and foster an environment where everyone, irrespective of gender, can flourish and make meaningful contributions in our field of engineering, “ says Eadon Director, Mike Thorogood. “If we encourage and back women and girls we can help pave the way for a future where STEM talent isn’t confined by gender.”



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