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National Mentoring Month


January marks National Mentoring Month so we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the invaluable mentoring scheme we have here at Eadon. Upon joining our team, every member is assigned a Development Coach. Their role is to ensure their Mentee is working on the right projects at the right time, in order to develop their skills and advance their career. This is done while providing continuous support and ensuring they have the necessary resources to excel.

“Mentoring our staff is crucial to Eadon’s success,” says Principal Engineer and Development Coach Adam Griffin. “We pride ourselves on taking on our clients’ hardest problems and if we aren’t mentoring our staff to be able to tackle these problems, we couldn’t do what we do.”

Graduate Engineer Josh Bowes-Smith joined Eadon last September and is already benefiting from having Adam as his Development Coach. “Adam helps, supports and guides me and ensures I’m getting a well rounded skill set,” he explains. “He allows me the room to define my own goals and then encourages me and helps me to achieve them. I’m given enough room to grapple with a problem initially, which is where I do most of the learning, and then he’s available to give me the next pointers so I can set off again myself in the right direction. Having a mentor is extremely helpful. I think without him I would drift and get caught up in the immediate tasks without thinking about the future and the bigger picture. He steers me and broadens my perspective – and that guidance has been the most significant help I’ve received.”

To find out more about our mentoring scheme and what it’s like to work for Eadon, visit the careers section on our website HERE.

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