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Dreamland Roller-coaster Re-opens


The Scenic Railway, considered to be the heart of Dreamland Pleasure Park, re-opens today after being closed for almost 10 years.  The 1920’s wooden structure has been brought back to life after falling into disrepair in 2005 and suffering severe damage in a 2008 arson attack. The heritage roller coaster has been one of the parks most eagerly anticipated rides since the gates first opened at the redeveloped site earlier this year.

Eadon Consulting carried out the challenging design and analysis of a timber bogie which is an integral part of the rolling stock. We also looked at the reconditioned drive shafts of the rope haulage mechanism which lifts the train up the various inclines on the ride. The attraction took longer than expected to bring back to life for a number of reasons, not least because of the restrictions placed on the project as a result of the ride being Grade II listed. Although the Scenic Railway is almost the same as when it was originally designed and to most visitors will appear identical, specialists will see conscious changes and modifications which have been made for operational and safety reasons.

The park re-opened its doors in June this year and has so far been a huge success attracting tourists and locals alike. This latest addition will no doubt give the iconic Margate destination another shiny jewel in its crown.

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